Zion Train

ZION Train Studio

Zion Train Studio

Zion Train's studio is run by Perch in Germany. Zion Train have always used a Macintosh sequencer system and currently use a Macintosh dual processor machine and Apple's Logic Pro sequencer and recording software.

The studio runs two MOTU 896 AD/DA converters, there is a TAC Scorpion 32:8:2 mixer. Monitoring is supplied by PMC and Genelec monitors with Genelec subwoofers linked and

Zion Train have an extensive collection of vintage analogue effects units that perch uses in full effect to live mix material written in the Macintosh through the TAC.

Equipment List

  • Vermona Resonant Filter

  • Hand-made Stereo Valve Unit

  • Apple Mac Laptop

  • Boss RDD 20 (x2)

  • Boss RDD 10

  • Boss RBF (x2)

  • Boss RPH 10

  • Boss RPS 10

  • Boss DE 200

  • Aphex Dominator Peak Limiter 720

  • SPL Channel One Tube Preamplifier 9945

  • Great British Spring Reverb

  • Yamaha Digital Reverberation R1000

  • PMC LB1 Monitors

  • Hafler Amplifier P3000 Transnova

  • Genelec Subwoofer 7050A

  • Genelec 8020 Monitors

  • TAC Scorpion 32:8:2 Mixing Console

  • Echoman Analogue Echo EM150

  • Chaser Echo Unit

  • Teac Dual Cassette Recorder W415

  • Technics SL1210 Turntable

  • Tascam DA30 MKII DAT

  • MOTU 896 Firewire Interfaces (x2)

  • Apple Mac Dual Processor G4 Desktop Computer 2.8GHz quad Core, 32GB RAM OS 10.13

  • Logic Pro X (10.4.8)

  • 1Tb 7200rpm Firewire Hard Disc (x2)

  • Roland SDE 330

  • JHS Digital Delay S1024

  • MXR Pitch Transposer

  • Alesis Quadraverb

  • Lexicon Alex

  • Roland PC300 USB Keyboard

  • Korg SDD1000 Digital Delay (x3)

  • Alesis Midiverb

  • Symmetrix Expander

  • Evans Analogue Echo AE205R

  • Waves Diamond

  • Various plug in and softsynths (eg arturia)

  • Mutron Phasor 2

  • MOTU Traveller Ultralite 3

  • Powertran Delay

  • H and H Tape Delay

  • Ninjatune Zen Delay

  • Roland Jet Phasor AP7

  • Samson Carbon49 USB Keyboard

  • Drawmer 166XS (x2)

  • Digitek Delay S1024

  • Yamaha CSX1

  • Waldorf 2-pole Analogue Filter

  • Korg Kaoss Pad (x2)

  • TC Electronic 2240HS

  • Copycat Tape Delay

  • Roland SE201 Space Echo

  • Pioneer SR102

  • Neumann TLM107

  • Multiple FX pedals and noise boxes

  • Many analogue instruments (percussion, wind, strings)