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Lakefest, Eastnor Park, England

TUE, AUG 09 2022

Our wonderful festival week will continue this Friday at Lakefest in Herefordshire, England..


More Love!

Landjuweel, Ruigoord, Netherlands

MON, AUG 08 2022

We are ecstatic to be rejoining our old friends in the Netherlands this Thursday to headline Landjuweel Festival at Ruigoord, near Amsterdam - a beautiful event with a free spirit.


Paradise Gardens, Hydro Show

FRI, AUG 05 2022

On September 4th we will be playing Paradise Gardens: Hydro & Urban Lifestyle Show .The wonderful crew have set up a special 15% off discount code for you for Paradise…

Use "ZIONTRAIN15" when buying tickets or get the discount automatically applied via this link:


Ozora Festival, Hungary

THU, AUG 04 2022

Ozora Festival official we had the best time with you all and we know the rest of your week long shenanigans will be out of this world!!

Massive love and thanks to our Ozora Family!!

Until next time Hungary, stay amazing!!

Ozora Festival, Hungary

MON, AUG 01 2022

OZORA FESTIVAL we are happily gathering the vibes to be returning to you next week and we can't wait to bring the ZT2020+2 sound to the Dragons Nest stage on day 2, of this 7 day extravaganza...

See you next Tuesday


Rockaway Park

TUE, JUL 26 2022

SOMERSET... In just 11 days we'll be heading to the glory and righteousness of Rockaway Park, (those of you who know, know and those of you who don't, really should!!)

Rockaway Park is a hidden gem, of a creative space with an all inclusive communal vibe, where all people and their mums are welcomed with open arms. Which is why we are overjoyed to be returning with the sound for Zion Train, Abassi Sound System, DJ Bimble @ Rockaway Park, Bristol, BS39 5BU this time we'll be bringing our beautiful beast Abassi Hi-Power Sound-System to fill up the bass frequencies, now we just need you beauties to fill up the space... We can't wait to see you there!!


Cork Ska and Reggae Festival

MON, JUL 25 2022

IRELAND It was an honour and a soul warming pleasure to bring the sound back to the Rebel County Cork...

We want to give our love and thanks to everyone at the Cork Ska & Reggae Festival for bringing the Fyah in your bellies and the Rebel in your hearts!!


Cork Ska and Reggae Festival

THU, JUL 21 2022

We are very, very happy to be heading to Ireland tomorrow for the Cork Ska & Reggae Festival, its been a long while since we have taken the sound to the Emerald Isle and this will be Cara's very first time singing in the county where her family hail from, needless to say, she's extremely excited!

Cork, we look forward to being with you soon.


Czochraj Bobra Festival, Poland

WED, JUL 20 2022

What can we say about the triumphant Czochraj Bobra Fest other than we were overjoyed to be back in Poland with all the happy, dancing folk who made us so welcome.

We want to give our sincere love and gratitude to Raff and the whole crew for having us come with the sound and extra love and heartfelt thanks to all who came and put their hearts in the dance.

Love and thanks to D Pawlowski photography and Frankenstein Vinyl for the photos.

kochamy Polskę

Czochraj Bobra Festival, Poland

THU, JUL 14 2022

This coming weekend we are totally happy and honored to be closing Czochraj Bobra Fest 2022 on Sunday night - can’t wait - One Love Polska

Endorse It In Dorset

TUE, JUL 12 2022

We want to give all the love and thanks to Lamma, Steve and all of our ENDORSET IN DORSET - FESTIVAL family for pulling out the stops for the amazing 'come back' gathering at the weekend, extra love goes to Vic and the Cerne Abbas Brewery for their hospitality and tasty brews and extra, extra love goes to all the happy, smiley festival friends who came and danced under the stars with us...

We massively ENDORSE, ENDORSET and strongly urge you to put this on your UK festival bucket list in the future!!


Endorse It In Dorset

THU, JUL 07 2022

We are extremely excited to be heading back to the glory of @Endorset in Dorset in exactly 1 day from today... It's going to be a heartwarming, soul lifting, body jumping joy to be back with our friends in this festival field after so long away and we can't wait to see you all!!

Have a beautiful weekend,


Couleur Cafe, Brussels

MON, JUN 20 2022

This coming weekend we shall be at the fantastic Couleur Cafe Festival in Brussels where we will play a sound system set on the OBF soundsystem alongside many other great acts such as Omar Perry and Jah Observer - cannot wait!

Strawberry Fair

THU, JUN 16 2022

Good morning all...

We want to give an abundance of love and gratitude to every single heart and soul who made Strawberry Fair - Free Festival, happen on Saturday and to all who came and put their hearts in the dance with us on the Rebel Love stage. With extra love to Mark Evans, Fleece and the whole Rebel Love crew for creating the space to conjure the vibes.

There is something so pure and so special about this one day festival... The fact that it's a free festival, created by the people, for the people, is a felt thing and we salute all of the organisers, volunteers, stages, stall holders, performers and festival goers for the energy they bring.

May you bathe in the positive energy of the full Strawberry moon today and manifest all good things for yourselves and each other.

Strawberry Fair

FRI, JUN 03 2022

In 1 week and 1 day we will be heading to the glory that is STRAWBERRY FAIR - FREE FESTIVAL to bring the sound and more LOVE to the REBEL LOVE stage and we can't wait...

This festival is a one day anomaly in that it is entirely run by volunteers for FREE, where musicians and performers come to share music and performance for FREE and crowds come and enjoy the festivities for FREE, it's purely for the love and for the love of FREEdom,

In this day and age that is a rarity!!

However... There is a little pot of funds growing to help cushion the actual costs of what it takes to put together, so if you can and so wish, you could dip your hand in your virtual pocket and donate a few pennies for the LOVE and APPRECIATION of what will be an absolutely smashing day.


We will be on the REBEL LOVE stage at 9.30pm

and we can't wait to see you there.

Bearded Theory, High Rise and Frome

WED, JUN 01 2022

Where do we begin to describe just how wonderful this past weekend was, well it would seem the best way is to give more love and thanks, to all the beautiful people who made the magic happen...

First a massive thank you to the Cheese and Grain in Frome on Friday, such a friendly crew and crowd..

Then Saturday onto the buzz of HighRise festival in Bristol, so much love to Poppy and the whole 'live stage' crew who did it beautifully!

Finally, Sunday we were honoured to close the glorious and thoroughly enjoyable Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering 2022 in the magic sounds tent with special thank you's to Phil Mellersh , Opus Jody and the whole crew for providing the perfect space and energy to land the sound.

The biggest and most heartfelt thank you's go to all the fabulous folk who came and put their hearts in the dance at all 3 sessions... We love and appreciate every single one of you!!

Next stop for the sound to drop will be REBEL LOVE STAGE STRAWBERRY FAIR - OFFICIAL FREE FESTIVAL on Saturday June 11th and we look forward to seeing you there.


Bearded Theory, High Rise and Frome

MON, MAY 23 2022

A new week begins and so does the excitement for the weekend yet to come and we will be filling it with all the good things...

We will be pulling into the south west to the Cheese and Grain on Friday then on to Bristol for HighRise x Teachings in Dub » Weekend Festival and then moving up country onto the glorious Bearded Theory's Spring Gathering 2022... If we don't see you in at least one of these places, we'll be moved to send out a search party for you because these are DEFINITELY the places to be!!

Until then, have a wonderful week!!

Czechia and Austria

TUE, MAY 17 2022

We want to give more love and thanks to our beautiful extended music family and friends old & new, who hosted the sound and who came for the dance in Brno, Prague and Austria at the weekend...

Kavárna Trojka, Futurum Music Bar & Stwst Stadtwerkstatt we salute you and all you do!

Love and appreciation to Christoph Leeb for a wonderful review and photography @Stwst Stadtwerkstatt.