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Zion Train - Homegrown Fantasy

Our biggest selling album before 'Live As One' (about 20,000) and the one that brought us to most people's attention. It was also the first one for China Records which did upset a lot of fans as we were perceived as an 'independent' group at the time.

Just prior to this LP there had been a fashionable rush on 'Dub' and many labels were signing anything remotely 'Dub'. We were interested in investigating the world of major labels and we developed a good rapport with China and head honcho Derek Green in particular.

This was our only LP to get a full US release. The Americans hated Zion Train, one review of the LP aped Spinal Tap, it ran 'Homegrown Fantasy, Homegrown Shit'.

For legal reasons we are not permitted to discuss the details of our contract with China but we have no regrets. The advance we received helped us to buy the equipment which finally established our studio as a professional sounding facility and the exposure we got led to us making the first ever Dub video, touring the US, releasing a CD-Rom alongside this LP and, on the CD-ROM, to distribute a massive Anarchist library at Warner Bros. expense. We had a laugh and made some of the best music we ever had.

The track titles on the CD are intended to form two sentences. Venceremos is a Spanish term meaning 'We will win', this was a nod to the Working Week song of the same name sung by Tracy Thorn and Robert Wyatt.

Ultimately our sales figures weren't satisfactory for the big boys and we settled back into our own regime but if you ever get the chance to be signed by a' major' label take it, keep your eyes open and enjoy yourself as much as you can.

Tracklist and Further Info

1. Dance of Life (cod, tench, perch, molara)

2. Free the Bass (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

3. The Healing of the Nation (cod, tench, perch, molara, black, simba)

4. Universal Communication (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

5. Venceremos (cod, tench, perch)

6. Get Ready (cod, tench, perch, griffiths)

7. For the Revolution (cod, tench, perch)

8. Why Should We Have To Fight? (cod, tench, perch)

9. Live Good IV (cod, tench, perch)

10. A Better Day (cod, tench, perch)

11. Love the Earth (cod, tench, perch)

12. One World, One Heart (cod, tench, perch)

13. One Love (cod, tench, perch)