Zion Train / Universal Egg

Grow Together

Zion Train

Zion Train - Grow Together

Second album for China records.

Tracklist and Further Info

1. Seed (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard, petter)

2. Space (cod, tench, perch, molara)

3. La Madrugada (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

4. Procession (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

5. Rise (cod, tench, perch, lironi)

6. Grow Together (cod, tench, perch)

7. Babylon's Burning (segs, ruffy, jennings, owen)

8. Stand Up and Fight (cod, tench, perch, lironi)

9. Harvest (cod, tench, perch)

10. Tubby's Garden (cod, tench, perch)

11. Dutch Flowers (cod, tench, perch)

12. Peace (cod, tench, perch)

13. Roots Part 1 (cod, tench, perch)