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Zion Train - Dub Revolutionaries

'Dub Revolutionaries' is a 2CD best-of collecting together classic & rare tracks from Zion Train’s twenty plus years. Featuring material from throughout their career this 2CD set was compiled with the bands full cooperation and includes dancehall smashes, vinyl-only rarities and a never before released radio session for John Peel "Through The Legs/Scottish Warrior".

Tracklist and Further Info


1. Dub Power

Our first ever single featuring vocalist Sis K in her only ever appearance with us.

2. Dub To Power

The debut appearance of vocalist Molara.

3. Ross Ice Shelf

Featured on our second album 'Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub'.

4. Fox

Recorded for what was originally a double pack CD dedicated to the living creatures of the earth.

5. Cuttlefish

Recorded as part of the never released 'Mysteries of the Deep' set.

6. Through The Legs/Scottish Warrior* (Peel Session)

This track is dedicated to Kenny Dalglish's European cup winning goal at Wembley in 1978.

7. Get Ready

Our debut single release for China records - an adaptation of the Gladiator's song of the same title.

8. Follow like Wolves

Our first dub-house release which spawned a million imitations.

9. Eagle Ray

Another track from ‘Siren’, this was our attempt to produce an epic along the lines of bands like the KLF.

10. The Healing Of The Nation

Co written with Matt Black of Coldcut this tune features - alongside Molara - one of the best MCs to ever emerge from the UK Dub underground - Afrikan Simba

11. Dance Of Life

Our second single for China Records, this was our most successful attempt at a pop version of dub-house. One of Molara's finest recorded performances.

12. Babylon's Burning

This is our acid techno remix of the fabled and highly energetic song by the Ruts - Zion Train heros and friends.

CD 2

1. Procession

A classic UK dub cut composed for the 'Grow Together' CD.

2. Speaker Shaker

Back on Universal Egg after the China episode, we relocated from London to Wales and made the 'Love Revolutionaries' album where this track is from.

3. War In Babylon

Also from 'Love Revolutionaries' - this tune has become anthemic over the years and we hope it will continue to be so!

4. Fly

A free party classic also from the 'Love Revolutionaries' collection with Molara on fine form.

5. Hailing Up The Selector

This tune is dedicated to all the warriors of the UK Dub scene who have carried that torch against all odds over the years.

6. King Of The Sound and Blues

A downtempo classic based on the old Jamaican tradition of one particular sound system being crowned each year 'King Of The Sounds and Blues“

7. Love Revolutionaries

Again from the 'Original Sounds' album with Molara on vocals.

8. Can't Keep A Good Man Down

Only ever previously released on a limited edition vinyl single this is Dubdadda's take on the 'Love Revolutionaries' riddim.

9. Terror Talk

From the Grammy winning 'Live As One' album which was also the first album produced in Germany after Zion Train's relocation.

10. Baby Father

Dedicated to all the single fathers in the world and to righteous parenting techniques.

11. Give Me Good Sensi

Featuring the dulcet tones of ex Studio One singer Earl 16, this tune is a eulogy to the weed of wisdom.

12. Dub That I Choose (Prof Skank Remix)

Prof Skank produced this heavyweight remix for the 'Live As One Remixed' album released in 2009.