Zion Train

Dissident Sound

Zion Train

This album is produced by Neil Perch in the Alte Ziegelei studio and features the world reknowned Zion Train brass section along with 3 passionate, politically aware songs from Zion Train singer ‘Cara’.

Featured on several tracks is Paolo Baldini playing guitars and bass guitar alongside veteran musicians – Trinny Fingers, Blacka Wilson, Dreada One and Professor Skank who hails from Crete.

For this album Zion Train return to their roots with copious amounts of analogue Dub mixing performed by Perch on his TAC Scorpion vintage mixing desk.

With mastering at the award winning Studio As one, Warsaw, Poland and artwork by the highly acclaimed anarchist artist Marko Gin from Croatia, this album presents Zion Train at their creative, anarchic best.

Released on 23rd June 2023

Tracklist and Further Info

Track 01          Militant Sound

Track 02          Revelation

Track 03          Another Now

Track 04          Love Rebellion

Track 05          Degrowth

Track 06           Mamma Gaia

Track 07           Class War

Track 08           Ministry For The Future

Track 09          Plunge Pool

Track 10           The Last Oak

Track 11           Revolution Sounds


P and C Universal Egg 2023


Arranged, mixed and produced by Neil Perch @ Alte Ziegelei 2022

Mastered by Studio As One, Warsaw

Artwork by Marko Vojnic


Players of Instruments…

Vocals              Cara Jane Murphy, Dreada One

Drums              Tommaso Gieri

Percussion       Balcka Wilson

Bass                 Neil Perch,Paolo Baldini

Guitars             Paolo Baldini

Keys                 Trinny Fingers, Stefanos Paterakis

Trumpet           David Fullwood

Trombone        Eddie Rieband

Melodica         Cara Jane Murphy


All tracks published by Universal Egg Publishing/Westbury Music

Manufacture and distribution by Konkurrent