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Zion Train - Siren

Siren is a collection of Zion Train originals and remixes from the first batch of Universal Egg 12" singles. Praying Mantis is a remix of a Kissing the Pink song called 'The Dalai Lama Loves You All' and 'Galaxy' and 'Alpha' are remixes of Extremadura songs.

There is a companion to this release in the Echo Beach 'Universal Egg 12" Box' CD which contains most of the original tracks from the same series of 12"s.

This music was recorded on the same equipment and at the same time as 'Natural Wonders of the World in Dub'.

When 'Follow Like Wolves' was first released as a single everybody hated it. The House crew wouldn't play it because it was too reggae and the Roots crowd would not touch it because it was too housey. It seems that being genuinely eclectic and varying your output tends to put more people off that it turns on. This has dogged ZT throughout our career but only affirms eclecticticism and variety in us all the more. There is no intention of upsetting fans but ZT do like to experiment with lots of different musical styles,which some people find difficult to accept. They seem to feel that ZT should remain a Dub/Roots/House band but we feel the excitement of diversity too strongly.

Tracklist and Further Info

1. Follow Like Wolves *

2. Fuck The Nazis *

3. Eagle Ray

4. Under The Sun

5. Ruderalis

6. Getafix

7. Driftacid

8. Praying Mantis

9. Galaxy

10. Alpha

11. Creamcheese

All tracks (cod, tench and perch) except

* (cod, tench, perch, staples)