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Original Sounds of the Zion

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Zion Train - Original Sounds Of The Zion

Zion Train's eighth album 'Original Sounds of the Zion' was released on Universal Egg in Spring 2002. It features the beautiful tones of regular vocalist Molara along with contributions from London based Jamaican star Levi Roots, Jono, toaster from highly respected Manchester dubbers Nucleus Roots and crooner Pat Fulgoni of funk outfit Kava Kava.

With contributions from renowned UK brass section Crispy Horns, guitarist Marcus Campbell, playing on his first Zion Train album, Cod on melodica and DJ Perch's amazing mixing dexterity the album is a stunning mixture of melodic songs, dancefloor beats and deep dub.

The Zion Train live experience is legendary, around the globe audiences are whipped into a frenzy by their pounding bass and heavy rhythms. After a decade the band and their music are revitalised and anyone who sees Zion Train live must agree that the zest and positive energy still abounds, so tune in to the original sounds of the Zion.

Tracklist and Further Info

1. Zion High (cod, tench, perch, johnson)

2. Ella's Melody (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

3. Hailing Up The Selector (cod, tench, perch, johnson)

4. Do You See Love (cod, tench, perch, fulgoni)

5. Blessed Is He (cod, tench, perch, levi roots, hake, forkbeard)

6. Beatmass (cod, tench, perch)

7. Beautiful Children (cod, tench, perch, molara)

8. Love Revolutionary (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard, molara)

9. King Of The Sounds and Blues (cod, tench, perch, johnson, molara)

10. Behold the Rainbow (cod, tench, perch, johnson)

11. Peace and Justice (cod, tench, perch, molara)

12. Earthquake (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

Thanks to the following musicians for their contributions to the music featured here: Jono (Nucleus Roots), Pat Fulgoni (Kava Kava), Marcus Campbell, Levi Roots, Ed Headmix, Tom-I (Soul Captain) & Maxi Baby.