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Zion Train - Love Revolutionaries

This was the first LP after relocating to West Wales from Tottenham and the first post Warners release. It was recorded very slowly through 1998/99 and was mixed in front of a 3k Sound System (thanks to Inner State and Armagideon Sounds for that).

Most of the vocals were recorded on an SM58 in front of the rig. The band were much more interested in vibes than separation and were extremely happy with the results.

Molara sounds beautiful throughout and there is a relaxed nature which comes through the vocals and the music. The dubs are as deep as they have ever been and the pop songs are something we're proud of.

Many people, John Peel and Andy Kershaw included, called this a return to form and we even got a 3 star review in Q magazine.

The mixing was done on an Allen & Heath Saber desk which we brought from Simon Afro Celt and a Mackie 32-channel 8 bus. The Sabre was apparently used extensively by Soul II Soul at Swanyard and 'Keep on Moving' was mixed on it.

All of Zion Train's music is made primarily for the band and they are philosophical about 'pleasing' fans or the transient nature of the music business. Of course they want to be liked but ultimately the goal is for us to enjoy what we are doing and keep developing, mistakes and all.

Tracklist and Further Info

1. Freedom (cod, tench, perch, molara)

2. Building Rome (cod, tench, perch, molara)

3. Speaker Shaker (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

4. Flag (cod, tench, perch, molara)

5. Movement Of The People (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

6. Fly (cod, tench, perch, molara)

7. One Inch Dub (cod, tench, perch)

8. Beware (cod, tench, perch, hake, forkbeard)

9. Free Heart (cod, tench, perch)

10. War In Babylon (cod, tench, perch, macka B)

11. Rocker's Revival (cod, tench, perch)

12. Dubzilla (cod, tench, perch)

13. Ohm Shiva (cod, tench, perch)