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Live As One

Zion Train


September 2007 saw the release of the first album since 2002 from ‘Dub/Dance pioneers’ Zion Train. Entitled ‘Live as One’ it was the ninth long player from the UK Dub collective since their 1992 debut ‘A Passage To Indica’.

‘Live As One’ features seven vocalists in various styles. Seasoned performers Earl 16, Tippa Irie and Dubdadda are to be found alongside international stars, Raiz (Italy) and Marlene Johnson (Germany) and also strong newcomers YT and Lua. All bring sterling performances and an inspirational attitude to the album. Whether, it’s the beautiful tones of Earl, Marlene and Lua, the conscious, perceptive observations of YT, Tippa and Dubdadda or the dreamlike quality of Raiz.

This album was the first produced solely by Neil Perch in the Zion Train studio in Cologne, Germany. Perch brings us an album that reassures but also pleasantly surprises; the Zion Train quality and ethos is still present and the depth and quality of musicianship is a revelation. Musicians contributing include the usual, deep blowing brass section, Dave Fullwood and Bigga alongside P Lush, of Nucleus Roots fame, on guitar, keyboards from Paolo Polcari of Almamegretta, drums from Vedran of the Radikal Dub Kolektiv and melodicas from Chasbo of the Bush Chemists. Featuring musicians from Italy, Germany, Croatia, Jamaica and the UK this is truly a world-dub production.

‘Live As One’ was released on Zion Train’s own Universal Egg imprint and in the months preceding the release there were be singles featuring remixes from Rob Smith (Smith & Mighty), Vibronics, Digital of Sativa Records and Kuranaka of Zettai-Mu (Japan) plus up and coming Dubstep and video productions.

Zion Train featured songs from the album in their summer 2007 festival shows and also undertook an extensive tour to support the album release throughout September and October of 2007.

Tracklist and Further Info

1. Boxes and Amps feat. Dubdadda (perch/fullwood/johnson)

2. Audrey and June (perch/fullwood)

3. Life That I Choose feat. YT (perch/hull/fullwood)

4. What A Situation feat Raiz and Tippa Irie (perch/harzmann/henry/della volpe)

5. Moha (perch/fullwood)

6. Tribute To Keng Keng (perch/fullwood)

7. Forward ever feat. Lua (perch/berk/fullwood)

8. Edelweiss Piraten (perch/fullwood)

9. Give Me Good Sensi feat. Earl 16 (perch/fullwood/daley)

10. Terror Talk feat. Dubdadda (perch/fullwood/johnson)

11. Animus Mundi (perch/fullwood)

12. Live As One feat Lua (perch/fullwood/berk)

13. Why feat. Marlene Johnson (perch/fullwood/johnson)

14. Hibakusha Song (perch/fullwood)

15. Baby Father feat. YT (perch/hull/fullwood)

16. Bloodlines feat. Dubdadda (perch/fullwood/johnson)

Zion Train are Neil Perch (production, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion and dub mix), David Fullwood (trumpet), Sebastian Harzmann (trombone), Paolo Polcari (additional keyboards), P Lush (guitars and live bass), Vedran Meniga (live drums) , Dubdadda, YT, Tippa Irie, Earl 16, Lua, Raiz and Marlene Johnson (all vocals).

Special mention to Dave Tench and Colin Cod as this is the first zion train album made without their musical participation - respect is due.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Audrey Gollop and June Henfrey.

and © Universal Egg 2007.


Produced, written and arranged by Zion Train in Cologne, Germany 2005-2007.

All tracks published Universal Egg Publishing/Westbury Music.

Artwork by echolab.