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Great Sporting Moments in Dub

Tassilli Players


The first ever Tassilli Players release is a tribute to Great Sporting achievements. Many people thought this was a Zion Train album due to the design of the cover art. The sporting moments honoured here include Bob Beamon's incredible 8m 90 long jump from the 1968 Mexico City Olympiad and the stunning display of football given by the Pele led Brazilian football team, also in Mexico in the 1970 World Cup.

Tracklist and Further Info

1. King Of The Mountains

2. Brazil 1970

3. 8.9 Metres

4. 5 Ring Dub

5. Globetrotter

6. Grandmaster

7. 147 Break

8. Marathon

9. At The Oche

10. The Dub That Got Away

CD Extra Tracks

Training At Altitude - A Manual, featuring:

1. Andean Dub

2. Mount Kilimanjaro

3. Ben Nevis

4. Himalayan Yeti Dub

5. Rif Mountain Dub

All tracks (cod/tench/perch)