Versions - Zion Train - WW057

'Versions' is a collection of remixes of Zion Train tracks from the 'State Of Mind' and 'Land Of The Blind' album projects. The remixers are friends and colleagues from around the music production world from Canada to the UK, from Athens to Mexico City.

release date 5th September 2016, formats, 2LP, CD and digital

Tracklist and Credits

  1. Ari Hanta Vibronics Remix
  2. Money feat Daman Numa Crew Remix
  3. Political Thing feat Jazzmin Tutum Natural Dub Cluster Remix
  4. Raise A Dub Bungalodub Remix
  5. Born For a Purpose feat Jazzmin Tutum Insintesi Remix
  6. State Of Mind feat Lua and Dubdadda Dubmatix Remix
  7. Share The Flame feat Jazzmin Tutum Radikal Guru Remix
  8. Share The Flame feat Jazzmin Tutum Early Worm Remix
  9. Money feat Daman Illbilly Itech Remix
  10. Rainbow Children feat Brinsley Forde and Dubdadda Krak In Dub Remix
  11. Raise A Voice feat Longfingah Jinx In Dub Remix
  12. No ID feat Daman Slamboree Remix
  13. No ID feat Daman Fleck Remix
  14. No ID feat Daman Dub FX Remix

All tracks published by Universal Egg Publishing/Westbury Music