Zion Train Remix EP (2) -10"


The second EP collection of remixes from the Grammy winning Live As One LP is released in Spetember 2009 and features mixes from the great Professor Skank of Crete in a heavy dubweight style. German dubstep producer Wadadda gets his hands on 'Boxes and Amps' and to complete the Euro style feel we have france's Weeding Dub tackling Baby Father. There will be a Live As One Remix CD/2LP released in 2009. Remixers will include Dub Terror, Vibronics, Weeding Dub, Prof Skank, Wadadda, Rob Smith, Dubsync and many more in a huge range of eclectic styles. We have received contributions from all over the globe, from Japan to Brazil, from Mexico to Croatia!


Tracklist and Credits

Side A
1) Life That I Choose - Prof Skank Remix
(neil perch/dave fullwood/mark hull/stefanos paterakis)
2) Skank That I Choose
(neil perch/dave fullwood/stefanos paterakis)

Zion Train feat YT

Side B
1) Boxes and Amps - Wadadda Remix
(neil perch/david fullwood/michael johnson/wadadda)

Zion Train feat Dubdadda

2) Baby Father - Weeding Dub Remix
(neil perch/dave fullwood/mark hull/romain grave)