Zion Train Remix EP - 10"


Featuring remixes of two of the tracks from the September 2007 Zion Train album release 'Live As One' this EP features some outstanding work by some excellent producers. Rob Smith uses a downbeat dubstep style rhythm to excellent effect whilst Vibronics uses an uptempo steppers rhythm. Dub Terror mashes up dubwise with drum and bass in a brilliant interpretation of the original track whilst Digital and Lutin come with their characteristic heavy, hard as steel drum and bass version of 'Terror Talk'. All original tracks were recorded in the Zion Train studio whilst all additional remix and production work was done at the remixers' studios.


Tracklist and Credits

Side A
1) Boxes and Amps (Rob Smith remix)
2) Boxes and Amps (Vibronics remix)
Side B
3) Boxes and Amps (Dub Terror Remix)
4) Terror Talk (Digital & Lutin Remix)