World Peace EP - Abassi All Stars - 10" Single


Released in March 2006, Deep Root 21 is the fifth in the series of Abassi All Stars 10” vinyl releases and this one is appropriately entitled the ‘World Peace’ EP.
The rhythm is made by perch in the Zion Train studio, Cologne.
Featured vocalists are Beenie Man alongside Calib with the title track – a highly political piece from the Jamaican pop star! telling his version of the story of 9-11 and the consequences in a most eloquent manner. Also featured is the UK's finest Tippa Irie who extols the virtues of a godly life on his ‘Praises’ cut. Dubdadda then follows with his acclaimed ‘Screaming Terror’ which begs us to consider who are the real causes of world terror in this time. – a political heavyweight.


Tracklist and Credits

Side A
Praises Tippa Irie
Screaming Terror Dubdadda
Side B
World Peace Beenie Man & Calib
World Peace Dub Abassi All Stars