Warriors - Vibronics - 7" Single


The first Vibronics release on this label for almost two years sees Madu and Stevie teaming up to cover the Shaka classic, originally sung by Junior Brown, 'Warriors'. The original is an early 80s dubplate masterpiece featured on the album 'Hits From The House of Jah Shaka' on the Shaka label, this 21st century remake is equally amazing.
The life-affirming and maverick mythologist Joseph Campbell always used to stress the deep need for people to 'follow their bliss' if they wanted to be truly happy. This advice, as you might imagine, is different for everyone, according to their own personal myth.
The Chinese call it 'gong fu'- a kind of hard, dedicated work that we are drawn to pursue for no other reason than we must. The warrior is the ordinary person who has the heart to follow the call, whatever it may be, whenever it eventually (and inevitably) comes.


Tracklist and Credits

Side A 'Warriors' - Vibronics featuring Madu
Side B 'Warriors Dub' - Vibronics
All Tracks (Junior Brown/Jah Shaka)