Turn Tide - Dub Terror 12" Single


Back to the 12" format for Universal Egg, its been a long time...

From the depths of the belly of the beast, Dubterror rises with this new 12” single, taken from his much-anticipated self-titled debut album.

On the A-side, Brother Culture rides a powerful dubstep wobbler, drenched in grimey synth-lines, with a lyrical delivery that will make most jaws drop. The sound system version on the B-side is a gift to all the steppers dub heads out there and has already gained a place on the top of many heavyweight sounds’ pile.

Turn The Tide has gathered a lot momentum in both the dubstep and the reggae-dub scene, with sounds like Mungos Hi-Fi, Iration Steppas and Zion Train playing it regularly in their sessions.

Tracklist and Credits

1. Dubterror feat. Brother Culture – Turn The Tide - 4'24''
2. Dubterror feat I-Mitri – Turn The Tide (Sound System Mix) - 4'23''