Thunder Mountain - Conscious Sounds - CD


Originally released as a vinyl LP on the Conscious Sounds label in 1993, Universal Egg released this CD edition in 1995. The dubs are all recorded at Conscious Sounds studio by the capable hands of Dougie W and the album features several dubwise versions of classic tracks from the Conscious Sounds label singles collection (such as 'Tribute to Lee Perry','Bible Dub', 'Long, Long Dub' etc). A classic UK dub album

Tracklist and Credits

1) Thunder Mountain
2) Bible Dub 2
3) Bad Boy Dub
4) Health, Strength and Dub
5) Melodica Dub
6) Jah Know Dub
7) Falken Dub
8) Strings from Zion
9) Praying Mantis
10)Centry's Revenge
11)Zion Graden
12)Tribute to Lee Perry
13)Long, Long Dub
14)Old King Dub
15) Thunder Mountain Dub

all tracks by Centry, produced and arranged by D Wardrop, C Petter, N Lake, mixed and engineered by D Wardrop at Conscious Sounds studio, London

Additional musicians - Jon Petter (tenor sax), Ricky (alto sax and flute), Jonah Dan (bongos), Barry Isaacs, Danny Red, Mandinka and King General (additional vocals).