The Egg Files - Various Artists - CD


This second label sampler turned out to be the best seller in the history of the label so far! It was released in especially designed and unique packaging and features all the artists with releases on the label at the time of this compilation (1997) plus several, such as Bong Messages and Captain Black, who had releases pending that were never realised. The compilation showcases the eclectic nature of Universal Egg from dubwise to experimental, from hardcore beats to sweet reggae music.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Whatever We Do - Ruts DC
2) Reggae Music - Mad Professor
3) Blackout - Marineville
4) Pincers - Ism
5) Dub One Another - Jah Free
6) Awakening - Vibronics
7) Sweetdust - Sounds From the Ground
8) Moonwalking - Tassilli Players
9) Cuttlefish - Zion Train
10)Vibes 23 - Bong Messages
11)Panatonic Analogic - Penimbra
12)Gamma - Extremadura
13)Byte Sized - Power Steppers
14)Power Mix Tabla - Captain Black
15)Haven Brow - Robert Charlesworth