The Ages Of The Earth In Dub - The Tassilli Players - download


Recorded in 2004, mixed in 2005 and released as the first ever Universal Egg download only release in 2006, this collection is a follow up to the 'Atlas Of World Dub' released by the Tassilli Players
in 2001 and is their fifth long player. As with all the player's releases the music is meditational, deep and entirely instrumental. This is the first Tassilli Players release featuring the zion train horn section of dave hake and bigga, alongside several other guest contributors.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Cenozoic Dub
2) Mesozoic Dub
3) Paleozoic Dub
4) Sinian Dub
5) Cretaceous Dub
6) Jurassic Dub
7) Triassic Dub
8) Permian Dub
9) Carboniferous Dub
10)Devonian Dub
11)Silurian Dub
12)Ordovician Dub
13)Cambrian Dub
14)Vendian Dub
15)Riphean Dub
16)Animikean Dub
17)Huronian Dub

all tracks written by (perch/hake) all tracks produced, arranged and mixed by neil perch at zion train studio, cologne 2004-2005