The Best Of Deep Root - V/A - CD/2LP

Finally some of the very best early tracks from the Deep Root label gathered together in compilation from Deep Root 01 to Deep Root 030!

Tracklist and Credits

1)Rod Of Correction – Jah Free (Bertollah)
2)Dub Of Correction – Jah Free (Bertollah)
3)JalightJahlove – Vibronics feat Boney L (Gibbs)
4)JahlightJahdub – Vibronics (Gibbs)
5)Positive Direction - – Vibronics feat Boney L (Gibbs)
6)Positive Dub – Vibronics (Gibbs)
7)Cross The Border – Abassi All Stars feat Dubdadda (perch/fullwood/johnson)
8)Dub The Border– Abassi All Stars (perch/fullwood)
9)What We Gonna Do? - – Abassi All Stars feat Luciano (perch/fullwood/luciano)
10)What We Gonna Dub? - – Abassi All Stars (perch/fullwood)
11)Jah Holds The Key – Zion Train feat Devon Russell (C S Dodd)
12)Jah Holds The Dub – Zion Train (C S Dodd)
13)Time Bomb – System Error feat Michael Rose (Frantzolas/Rose)
14)Time Bomb Dub – System Error (Frantzolas)
15)Judgement Come – Slimmah Sound (Baumgarten/Omi)
16)Judgement Dub – Slimmah Sound (Baumgarten)

all tracks published by Universal Egg Publishing/Westbury Music ltd.