Tape Special 4 - Various Artists (Cassette)


The fourth of four subscription only cassettes from 1992/93

Tracklist and Credits

1) Garvey's Bones (featuring Sounds Of Thunder)
2) Watch Them (featuring Simba Ranking)
3) Dub Them
4) Chant Down the Barriers (featuring Mr Finnegan)
5) Skeleton Key (featuring Sounds Of Thunder)
6) Rasta Key (featuring Simba Ranking)
7) Bumblebee Bongo (featuring Simba Ranking)
8) Manta Ray
9) Far Out Dub
10)Charged Tank
11)Sheep In Wolf's Clothes
13)Dub Charge
14)African Melody
15)Jah Love Dub
16)Elephant Dub
17)Sporting Dub No 2 (featuring the Tassilli Players)
18)Sporting Dub No 5 (featuring the Tassilli Players)
19)Wonders One

All tracks produced, arranged and written by Zion Train 1993