Tape Special 3 - Various Artists (Cassette)


The third of four subscription only cassette releases from 1992/93

Tracklist and Credits

1) 135 Dub
2) 135 Dub Mark Two
3) Squidgy Bud
4) Sattaricci
5) Declaration Dub
6) 531 Dub
7) Earth Dub
8) Dub To Garvey (featuring Devon Russell)
9) Psychedelic Dub (featuring Devon Russell)
10)Dub Out (featuring Devon Russell)
11)Carpal (featuring Diatribe)
12)Sporting Dub No 1 (featuring the Tassilli Players)
13)Sporting Dub No 2 (featuring the Tassilli Players)

all tracks, written arranged and produced by Zion Train 1992/93