Sound Information Vol. 1 - Various Artists - CD/LP


Released in 1993 on Universal Egg and compiled by Elliot Morgan Jones (later of Sounds From The Ground) this is a beautiful collection of ambient dub music mainly made in bedroom studios in and around London. It is the fore runner of many other compilations in this vein such as Beyond Records' ambient dub series and volumes 2 and 3 of Sound Information released by German label Echo Beach.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Snorkelling In Heaven - Verdi
(T Hope)
2) Neptune - Path vs Spacehead
3) Blue Pastures - Verdi
(T Hope)
4) Pleasant (Tribal Mix) - Path
5) Cromosphere 23
6) Lunik - Spacehead
7) Blue - Zephyrus
(M Millrain/G Fuzi)
8) Fathoms Deep - Extremadura