Showcase Vol 2 - Abassi All Stars - WW053

The second volume of 'Showcase' highlights the vocalists who have passed through the Zion Train studio as part of the Abassi All Stars project. Up and coming alongside well established artists all produced and mixed by perch.

Tracklist and Credits

1) A Little Prayer - feat Omar Perry
2) Lion Woman - feat Lua
3) Never Fall As A Victim - feat Fitta Warri
4) Praises - feat Tippa Irie
5) Screaming Terror - feat Dubdadda
6) Too Much War - feat Fitta Warri
7) Daily Bread - feat Omar Perry
8) No Answer - Carlton Livingston
9) Edutainment - feat Rudy Lee
10)Rise Above Them Limit - feat Fitta Warri
11)Ain't So Fine - feat Omar Perry
12)Jah Is Here - feat Minnoo
13)Put Life First - feat Prince David
14)Rise Up - feat Prince David
15)Message Of Hope - feat Lua
16)Questions - feat Moses
17)December - feat Minnoo