Showcase - Abassi All Stars - CD/LP

Showcase front cover

Featuring the cream of the crop from the first four Deep Root EP releases for the Abassi All Stars and the best of the unreleased tracks recorded in 2004/2005, 'Showcase' is the debut album for the Abassi All Stars project. Strictly roots and culture but with an outernational perspective Abassi All Stars come to tell stories of people from around the world. The CD issue of this release features a video for the first time on a Universal Egg release. Compiled and mixed by the echolab vj team the movie shows the Abassi Hi Power system in action alongside all the artists from the All Stars project.

Tracklist and Credits

CD tracks
Stem the Tide feat Earl 16 4.28.06
Help The Youth feat Fita Warri 4.28.11
Jah Before Us feat Junior Kigwa 4.28.85
Cross The Border feat Dubdadda 3.31.40
Suffering feat Sis Sanae 3.40.03
Wicked Man feat Kenny Knots 3.15.60
High Grade feat Junior Kigwa 3.12.98
Gideon Youth feat Fitta Warri 3.14.38
Roots Woman feat Fita Warri 4.16.07
What We Gonna Do feat Luciano 3.47.65
Free Jah Children feat Sis Sanae 3.40.86
Wicked Intention feat Keny Knots 5.03.33
Israel feat Fitta Warri 5.04.56
Danger Zone feat Junior Kigwa 3.09.53
Echolab VJ remix

LP Side A
Stem The Tide 4.28.06
Help The Youth 4.28.11
Jah Before Us 4.28.85
High Grade 3.12.98
Gideon Youth 3.14.38

LP Side B
Roots Woman 4.16.07
Wicked Intention 5.03.33
Danger Zone 3.09.53
What We Gonna Do? 3.47.65
Free Jah Children 3.40.86

Players of instruments Sebastian Bigga Harzmann (trombone) David Fullwood (trumpet), Selim Miles Humbaraci (Guitar) Neil Perch (keyboards, bass and drums)
Produced by neil perch for universal egg at the zion train studio, cologne 2004-2005
C Universal Egg 2006 P Universal Egg 2006

Artwork by Echolab