Shinobi - Dub Terror - 10" Single


Building across heavy Roots Reggae, Dub, Dubstep and Grime sound-scapes, twisted by video game nostalgia in smashed and forgotten lo-fi dimensions, Dub Terror is up once again with his second 10” release. The ‘Shinobi EP’ is releases in June on Universal Egg, following up from the sold-out ‘Technology’ release.


The A-side features a superb vocal performance by Echo Ranks on a Retro\Futuristic roots reggae riddim, complimented by the dub too. On the B-side, Warrior Queen shows her ninja skills up in full delivering a huge, weighted dropping dubstep sinker. Reload!

The bass will make your 8-bit soul shake. Smoothed through rolling basslines and contrasts leaving everything broken and spent. It's the artful dodger slamming through shinobi in broken pixels, praying to a degenerate saviour to lift you out of the bass-ments…

The release also features an exclusive live visual mix by VJ KARBORN.

Tracklist and Credits

1 - Dub Terror feat. Echo Ranks - Shinobi Warrior - 4'27''
(S. Lombardi, T. Hanley)
2 - Dub Terror - Shinobi Dub - 4'23''
(S. Lombardi)
3 - Dub Terror & A-Miti feat. Warrior Queen - Reload Warrior - 4'37''
(S. Lombardi, A. Adhikari, A. Henry)
4 - Dub Terror & A-Miti feat. DJ Santanu - Burn Britona Burn - 5'41''
(S. Lombardi, A. Adhikari)

all tracks published by Universal Egg Publishing