Share The Flame - Jazzmin Tutum - CD

Dub Music is Freedom Music. For me it is the Heartbeat riddim and the One World riddim. It is a music that leads you into other spheres of thought. Spheric Dub Poetry is the poetry I create within electrified music landscapes.
The Project 'Share The Flame' explores the pulse of the diaspora and deals not only with the personal but with what we share universally. It deals with voyages between wisdom and knowledge, the vulgar sellout of globalisation and the simple joys of the dubical. 'Share the Flame' is a spark, a message and a vibe. It is about touching the living breathing world with living breathing words!

Tracklist and Credits

1) Island Vibe (Jazzmin Tutum)
2) Economic Explorers of the 21st Century (Jazzmin/HeyOHansen)
3) Walking To The Water (Jazzmin/HeyOHansen)
4) Africa Don't (Jazzmin/HeyOHansen)
5) My Father's Mansion (Jazzmin Tutum)
6) Little School Girls (Jazzmin/NeilPerch)
7) Share The Flame (Jazzmin/NeilPerch)
8) Lets Just Be (Jazzmin Tutum)
9) Disya Time (Jazzmin/Perch/Madtone)
10)To Beckett With Dub/Akai Mi (Jazzmin/Perch/Madtone)
11)Parlez Aimez/Von Kopf Bis Fuss (Jazzmin/Freudenberger)
12)Woman Warrior Dance (Jazzmin/Freudenberger)
13)New Word Order (Jazzmin/BrainDamage)
14)Mother Of A Restless People (Jazzmin/BrainDamage)