Pulses - Extremadura - CD/Double LP


Originally released in 1994 this is the only Extremadura long playing release although the 12" single eggy04 - Aurora Bora Paradise is Extremadura under their first name - Diatribe and there is also an Extremadura EP released on Universal Egg (Eggy014)

The ancient greeks had a god of pulses named Kyanites

The human brain works within certain frequency ranges
Beta range – the normal waking state
Alpha range – an unfocused state where a lot of meditation takes place
Theta range – the state of lucid dreaming and rem sleep
Delta frequencies are low and are the range of deep sleep

Pulses have been cultivated as food for several thousand years. There is evidence in the near east of the cultivation of field beans and lentils dated between 6000 and 7000 bc

The units of the frequency of sound are called hertz (Hz) 1Hz is equal to 1 vibration per second. The human ear is sensitive to frequencies between about 20Hz and 20,000Hz and is capable of detecting sound for which the fluctuations in the density of air are less than one ten millionth of one percent. Frequencies lower than 20Hz are called infrasonic, those higher than 20,000Hz ultrasonic.

Broad beans have had a mixed history, Egyptian priests forbade their eating believing that each one contains the soul of a dead man, the romans used them as counters in political matters, white ones for yes, black ones for no.

The infamous Roman emperor, Caligula, shipped an obelisk from Egypt to Rome using lentils as packaging material.

A rapid beat in 6/8 time creates three beats every half second, this is very close to the 5.8hz frequency of the earth.

To look at the concrete, cars and pollution in the cities of modern Britain it is easy to forget the traditions that have been slowly neglected. Places of past significance are overlooked, their potential for greater understanding of our current situation ignored. The religious establishment and others, who over centuries, wanted to exert control over the populace, have adopted these places as their own - taking the ancient symbols of power as their own saints or transforming them into malignant monsters. The way that we live with the natural world has been twisted from a symbiotic to a parasitic one. The seasons now only signify warm or cold weather, past days of celebration are now only bank holidays.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Beta, counting tones
2) Mu
3) Lai
4) Delta
5) Igu
6) Gelatimous drifters
7) Epsilon
8) Dil draydon
9) Hydra
10) Thinning dog
11) The white tower
12) Son of a baldie dog

All tracks written by extremadura ( dave tench) except dil darydon and ali whish are written by tench/khalid
Baldie dog – tench/hake/rieband
Thinning dog tench/mcconville

Produced by zion train at the wibbly wobbly world of music 1994