Outernational Dub Convention - Jah Free/Vibronics - CD/LP


This Dub Convention release was meant to showcase the combined talents of the already established Universal Egg artist Jah Free and the emerging talent of Vibronics with each artist occupying a side of the vinyl LP. Before this date Vibronics had only compilation based and Deep Root 7" single releases to his name whereas Jah Free had already released the long player 'Breaking Out' on Universal Egg (WW22) as well as having singles and compilation appearances. This Dub Convention release was so well received it lead to a Europe-wide string of shows featuring both artists playing back to back inna convention stylee and was the launching pad for Vibronics now established dubwise career which to date includes two solo album releases on Universal Egg, six Deep Root 7" singles and a sucesssful string of releases on his own Scoops label.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Rod Of Correction
2) Dub One Another
3) Wickedness in Dub
4) Dubplate Version
5) Set Me Dub
6) Crown In Glory
7) Dubplate Version
8) We Are The Ones
9) Jahlight Jahlove
10)Zulu Kingdom
11)Brimstone and Fire
12)The Gift
13)Dubplate Version
14)Dub Discovery
15)Shaka the King
16)Dubplate Version

tracks 1-8 by Jah Free, 9-16 by Vibronics
the Dubplate versions do not feature of the vinyl LP edition of this album, just the CD