Nyaman 10" - Abassi All Stars - 10" Single

Root18Alabel Small

The fourth release of 2005 from the Abassi All Stars out of perch's Cologne studio features heavy nyabinghi rhythms vocally serviced by Junior Kigwa of Rwanda, Empress Rasheda of London and Ethiopia and Fitta Warri of Jamaica plus a heavy, heavy dubwise by perch. Zion Train brass section are beautifully present on the rhythm. If you ever wondered what had happened to nyabinghi, well here it is - year 3000 style!

Tracklist and Credits

Side A
1) See Them A Come - Junior Kigwa
2) Forward Home - Rasheda
Side B
1) Never Sell My Soul - Fitta Warri
2) Nyaman - Abassi All Stars