Nucleus Roots EP - Nucleus Roots (10" Vinyl)

eggy24a label

This is the debut release for Nucleus Roots on Universal Egg although they have already released several long playing releases on their own label (available on CD in the wobblyweb shop). Nucleus are based in Manchester, England and collaborate with many high calibre vocal artists to produce their music. This release sees the dulcet tones of Don Hartley grace the nucleus rhythms ato outstanding effect. We hope to have more sounds of the nucleus on Universal Egg before too long.

eggy24b label

Tracklist and Credits

Side A
1) Irie meditation
2) Dub Version
Side B
1) Step It Up Rasta
2) Dub Version

all tracks by Paul Morris/Don Hartley
vocals by Don Hartley
mixed, arranged and produced by Nucleus Roots in the Nucleus Roots studio, manchester, england
published by westbury music