No Answer EP - Abassi All Stars - 10 " Single


Released in December 2008 and featuring the track entitled December, this release is the most punctual ever made on the Deep Root label!
The No Answer riddim is on one side of the EP with vocal contributions from Omar Perry and Carlton Livingston, both seasoned performers who demonstrate their talent here. The third track on side one is the perch dub of the No answer riddim.
Side two features the discomix of December featuring Minno on vocals - a beautiful, contemplative, winter song

Tracklist and Credits


Side 1

Daily Bread – Abassi All Stars feat Omar Perry 3min 18s
(neil perch/dave fullwood/mark omar perry)
No Answer – Abassi All Stars feat Carlton Livingston 3min 18s
(neil perch/dave fullwood/carlton livingston)
Dub Answers – Abassi All Stars 3min 31s
(neil perch/dave fullwood)

Side 2

December – Abassi All Stars feat Minoo 7 min 31s
(neil perch/dave fullwood/carina chitsatz)