New Releases

Illuminate - Zion Train

released May 1st 2020 in the time of Corona - 'Illuminate' is the first original Zion Train album for five years and features Rider Shafique, Prince Jamo, Cara, Lua. Jasmin Tutum, Prince David, Paolo Baldini, Don Fe, Gianni Denitto, Brother Culture, P Lush, El Natron, Michela Grena, Dave Hale, Lucas Petter, Edide Rieband, Indigolab and Neil Perch

We Shall Rise - Zion Train feat Cara

Following the release of the 'Politrix' Zion Train now concentrate on positive alternatives with the release of this uplifting ode to positivity featuring Cara on vocals alongside a beautiful brass section and uptempo militant rhythm.

Politrix - Zion Train feat Prince Jamo

Our third release for 2019 and the first single from the forthcoming Zion Train album 'Illuminate' features the mighty Prince Jamo on vocals and Paolo Baldini on bass and guitars - release date Sept 1st 2019

Flying Island - Jungle Weed - digital album

A new artist releases an album on Universal Egg!

Jungle Weed produces an eclectic mix of reggae and world sounds, heavily influenced by his travels on the Indian sub continent..

Soundsystem 7"

Our first release for 2019 will be 'Soundsystem' by Zion Train feat Brother Culture and Queenie (Eggy040) - soon to be available on 7 inch vinyl and digital formats

#ZT30 Remix EP

WIth participants from Greece, Croatia, Russia, Italy, Belgium, France and the UK, this release features the very best entries in our 2018 #ZT30 remix competition

Dub FX Meets Zion Train (Eggy037)

Eggy037 is a collaborative release featuring Dub FX and Zion Train and will be released on all formats on Nov 5th 2018. Look out for the wonderful video produced by Alex Carropi!

Zion Train - Remix EP 2018

Coming soon!!!

New Artist - Timbali

new in the Universal Egg family in 2018 is the West Wales producer Timbali who will release his debut Universal Egg EP, entitled 'Pinch Of Salt' with us on Feb 5th 2018

New Artist - Krak In Dub

New for 2017 in the Universal Egg Family is Krak In Dub.

We release his single on April 21st with his debut album release being due in autumn!

From dub to jungle, KRAK IN DUB (KID) is one of the most prolific producer and his Live performances have gone beyond borders producer and his Live performances have gone beyond borders. After releasing over 50 vinyl EPs, KID finally unveils his first album"Amazonite". "Amazonite" is also the name of this eponymous track extracted from his opus.

Represented by the black and green water gemstone, this Dub Stepper is emerging from KID's remote Amazonian roots. Hard-pressed by a vibrant sound force, its path explores luxuriant canopies, turquoise depths and gleaming skies raised by KID's characteristic influential beat, blazing bass lines and crystalline keyboards.

'Versions' is a Zion Train remix release on CD, 2LP and digital formats... Release date 5th September 2016. (WW057)

Monday November 30th 2015 sees the release of the 'Fire' EP faturing collaborations between Zion Train and the upcoming stars of the new Jamaican Roots scene - Jah9, Micah Shemaiah and Addis Pablo, alongside Sis Awa of Italy. All tracks will be released on this digital EP with Jah9 and Addis PAblo featuring on a limited edition vinyl 7 inch single to be released in December

Spring Equinox (March 20th) sees the release of the new Zion Train 2LP/CD 'Land Of The Blind' on Universal Egg (WW056) featuring Dub Dadda, Fitta Warri, Jazzmin Tutum, Kathika R Abbit, Daman, and Longfingah!

Straddling! the 'Land Of The Blind' album release is the release of Eggy033 the 'Just Say' EP. The digital release will be on Feb 8th, whilst the vinyl 10" will be released after the album release in April. The digital release features 4 tracks on the 'Just Say' riddim PLUS 4 previously unreleased tracks on other riddims. The vinyl release features Horace Andy, Fitta Warri plus Longfingah and Dub on the 'Just Say' riddim.

In parallel , our Italian colleagues Elastica Records will release a remix EP featuring the Zion Train tracks remixed by producers such as Numa Crew, Madaski and 99 possee!

New For 2014

the second release from the forthcoming Zion Train album 'Land Of The Blind' will be available on a Deep root vinyl 7 inch from November 17th 2014. The single is entitled 'Warrior Step# and comes as two exclusive dubplate mixes...

Our first release for 2014 and the first new Zion Train since 2011's 'State Of Mind' sees the 'Money' EP released on Universal Egg on 10" vinyl. (Eggy032).

Vocal versions from Dub Dadda, Fitta Warri and Daman.

Release Date September 8th, 2014

New for 2013

Our second long playing release of 2013 is the 4th Abassi All Stars album 'Dub Conference' only to be released on digital format. This album features the 11 Abassi A sides from the coloured vinyl 7 inch series originally released just on vinyl on the Deep Root imprint. Collaborative appearances from Dubmatix, Vibronics, Prof Skank and many more!!!

Jazzmin Debut!!

Our first release for 2013 will be the debut CD of Dub Poetess Jazzmin Tutum entitled 'Share The Flame'. Jazzmin is featured as a guest vocalist on the Zion Train 'State Of Mind' album and has collaborated with several producers including Perch, Brain Damage and Hey o Hansen to bring forth this collection of ecelctic beats topped by thoughtful politicised poetry and songs which needs to be heard to be believed ! Jazzmin had her first literary collection of her poetry works published in late 2012 so with this album release her career continues apace.

New for 2012

The second volume of 'Showcase' highlights the vocalists who have passed through the Zion Train studio as part of the Abassi All Stars project. Up and coming alongside well established artists all produced and mixed by perch. This collection features Omar Perry, Fitta Warri, Carlton Livingston and Lua alongside others and is only available as a digital download!

Autumn 2011 Releases

Zion Train's new album will be released on Universal Egg on October 3rd 2011. The album is called 'State Of Mind' and features many well established Zion Train elements with some new, added ingredients! Featured vocalists are Dubdadda, Lua, Brinsley Forde, Ras Python and Jazzmin Tutum. Zion Train will tour the UK in October to support the release, moving onto Europe in November and December with the USA, Japan and Latin American legs of the album tour to take place in 2012.

Hot on the heels of the Zion Train release will come the last of the Dub Conference coloured vinyl issues. (Volume 11) Ital Noiz meets Abassi All Stars in conference featuring 'Wake Up' remixed and redubbed. The original of this tune features on the next and final release for 2011 and that is the debut album of Ital Noiz on CD and digital formats on the Universal Egg label! (WWCD52). The album is produced and mixed by perch in the Zion Train studio but with all recordings done in Roma.

Summer 2011 Releases

Late July will see the release of Volume 10 of the Dub Conference series on blue 7 inch vinyl with Abassi All Stars in conference with Dub All Sense (again ;). This release features the track 'Colliman' from the Dub All Sense album produced by perch in the Zion Train studio during the first half of 2011. The vocalist in this case is the rising star Longfingah and the single features the DAS original cut plus an Abassi remix...

June 2011 sees the release of a brilliant Universal Egg collaboration 10 inch. The disc features the Polish newcomers, Fire In the Hole, Ital Horn Section, Earl 16 and Zion Train on one release. Original FITH tunes plus Zion Train remixes (Eggy031).
Following hots on the heels of that release will be Vol 9 of the Dub Conference series - a red vinyl heralding the return of Vibronics alongside Abassi All Stars (Root042).

Spring 2011 Releases

Volume 8 of the coloured vinyl Dub Conference series is our first release for 2011 and appears on the Deep Root imprint. In this conference Abassi All Stars meet Insintesi from Lecce, Italia to produce a King David's style stepper combination. White Vinyl

Winter Release 2010

and the last release from us for 2010 is the seventh volume of the Dub Conference series to be released on gold vinyl and featuring Portugal's Bandulu Dub alongside the ever-present Abassi All Stars Available from November!

Autumn Releases 2010

New Zion Train material is coming this Autumn! The first single from our 2011 album 'State Of Mind' is a remake of Aswad's seminal tune, 'Rainbow Children' featuring Brinsley Forde of Aswad alongside our very own Dubdadda and Ras Pyton. The release will be a 10 inch vinyl featuring vocal and dub mixes and also remixes by Crete's Prof Skank.
Release date 26th October 2010...

for September 2010 release we present the Best Of Deep Root - a milestone release for us as it is LP number 50. for full tracklist details see the Universal Egg Discography page.

Summer Releases 2010

Number 6 in the Dub Conference series features the sounds of Ital Noiz from Roma, also known as Radici Nel Cemento these dubheads have linked with Abassi All Stars for a meeting that will be issued on silver vinyl 7 inch at the end of June 2010.

Fifth in the Dub Conference series and issued on blue vinyl is Abassi All Stars meets Marta, analogue meets digital in this dramatic return to Roots.

Spring Releases 2010

Our second release of 2010, heralding the long awaited spring will be the fourth Dub Conference meeting, this time featuring the Italian Dub All Sense alongside Abassi All Stars. The release will be on pink vinyl and is a stormer...

Winter 2010 Release

Our first release for 2010 is the third chapter of the Dub Conference series with this one featuring the meeting of Canada's Dubmatix with our own Abassi All Stars. The release will be on crystal clear 7 inch vinyl, release date is 22nd Feb.

Winter Releases 2009

Next up from Deep Root and released in the third week of November 2009 is the second chapter of the Dub Conference series from Abassi All Stars, this time in conference with Prof Skank of Crete. The format is one tune co-built by Abassi and Skank with mixes from each producer on each side of a beautiful fluorescent green 7 inch single!!

Autumn Releases 2009

September sees the release of the eagerly anticipated remix version of Zion Train's Live As One. Additional production on these reworked tracks comes from friends and collaborators in regions as diverse as Poland, (Studio AS One), Crete (Professor Skank), Brazil (Digital Dubs), Mexico (Bungalo Dub), Croatia (RDK Sound System), France (Weeding Dub & Brain Damage), Italy (Alambic Conspiracy & Dub Terror) and of course UK (Rob Smith, Digital & Vibronics) to mention but a few. The remixers styles vary from dubstep and dub to drum&bass.

Deep Root starts a new series of releases on 7" vinyl in September also. The first of these is Abassi All Stars meets Vibronics on 7" to be followed by collaborations with Dubmatix, Professor Skank, Weeding Dub and Ital Horns

Summer Release 2009

The debut album from Dub Terror is our premiere Summer release for 2009 at Universal Egg. After sell out singles on Deep Root and Universal Egg covering reggae, dub, dubstep and grime now Dub Terror combines the best of these into a beautifully crafted debut album slated for May release

Spring release 2009

As a prelude to their debut album due to be released in May 2009 we present the next Dub Terror EP on Universal Egg in March. The EP is entitled Turn Tide and features the vocal talents of the reknowned Brother Culture in a new dub/step style alongside the heavy, crisp production that Dub Terror is becoming known for.

Winter Releases 2008/2009

Our first release for 2009 will be the debut album of Polish band Ragana who release their CD/LP entitled 'Many Reverbs To Cross' on Universal Egg. The release date for this is 12th January and it is eagerly awaited following the band's premier of the music at the Bielawa Festival in Poland, 2008.
The band blend real instruments, great dub mixing and a touch of Polish mysticism to produce a truly original eastern europe meets jamaica sound that is truly beautiful to listen to. You can get more info on the band in the Universal Egg artists section.

The final release from Deep Root and Universal Egg in 2008 will be the No Answer EP which arrives in a different format to the previous EP releases. Side One features vocal cuts with Omar Perry followed by Carlton Livingston and a dub cut by perch. Side two of the EP features a second riddim cut in a discomix style and featuring Minoo on vocals.
Release date is December 1st

Autumn 2008 Releases

September sees new 10 inch vinyl releases from both Deep Root and Universal Egg. Deep Root has the Message of Hope EP by the Abassi All Stars featuring vocals by brother Moses of Nucleus Roots, Lua and Prince David of Moa-Anbessa alongside an Abassi rhythm and a perch produced dubwise cut. Universal Egg features the next instalment of Zion Train - Live As One remix pieces with versions of Life That I Choose out of the Greek studio of Professor Skank, Boxes and Amps remixed in Germany by Wadadda and Baby Father remixed in France by Weeding Dub - outernational style. Both 10s are released on September 29th..

Summer 2008 Releases

New for the Summer are two 10 inch singles of fantastic quality. Firstly on the Deep Root imprint we have the latest release from the Abassi All Stars. Entitled the Humble Lion EP, this release features three vocal versions including the mighty Omar Perry, the novice Minoo whose sweet voice enthralls all who hear it and the up and coming Prince David alongside a perch dub of a heavy stepper already heavily previewed on the Abassi Hi Power system.

Hot on the heels of this release will be the Shinobi EP by Dub Terror released on the Universal Egg imprint. This cut features Echo Ranks riding a dubwise rhythm, a dub cut of that rhythm, a dubstep version with the reknowned Warrior Queen on vocals and a heavy electronic downtempo rework - fantastic vibes for summer fields

Spring 2008 Releases

The first album release from Universal Egg in 2008 will be the third in the classic dub compilation series -Lead With the Bass. This volume features dubs from Germany, the UK, Italy and Japan with contributions from artists such as Zion Train, Abassi All Stars, Vibronics, Dub Terror and Moa Anbessa. The artwork features scale plans of how to build bass speakers for reggae sound systems.

Also released this Spring will be the debut 7 inch single from the Greek artist System Error entitled Time Bomb and featuring the mighty voice of Michael Rose, formerly of Black Uhuru - this is yet another sound system, stormer from Deep Root. Dubwise excursions are provided by the up and coming Universal Egg artists, Dub Terror.

Winter 2007/2008 Releases

February 2008 sees the release of Deep Root number 29, a seven inch single featuring the Zion Train tune, Terror Talk. the A side of the single has a vocal version featuring Dubdadda and the B side has a dub in time honoured tradition. Both of these versions of the tune are previously unavailable.

Winter 2007 Releases

The next release on Universal Egg and the last one for 2007, will be the first 10" release on this label from Dub Terror - featuring Jah Marnyah and Echo Ranks on vocals this is heavyweight reggae and dub backed by heavyweight dubstep. We are anticipating great things from Dub Terror here at Universal Egg, the previous Dub Terror releases were all on our sister label Deep Root and both sold out in their week of manufacture which has made them collectors items before their time!

Autumn 2007 Releases

September sees the release of the long awaited new Zion Train CD/2LP entitled Live As One (WWCD/LP045), featuring Dubdadda, Earl 16, YT, Raiz, Lua, Marlene Johnson and Tippa Irie as well as the usual mash up of dubwise, roots reggae and breakbeat mayhem, Zion Train will be touring all autumn and winter to promote the release.

Summer 2007 Releases

There will be both a Universal Egg 10" and a Deep Root 7" released in May 2007. Both of the releases are related to the release of the new Zion Train album 'Live As One' in September 2007. Deep Root 28 is entitled 'Give Me Good Sensi' and features Earl 16 on vocals and exclusive vocal and dub cuts of this ode to the weed of wisdom upon a roots rockers rhythm reminiscent of Zion Train's early work with Devon Russell.

The Zion Train remix EP (Eggy025) to be released on Universal Egg features remixes of the album tracks 'Terror Talk' and 'Boxes and Amps' both of which feature Dubdadda on vocal duty. Remix artists in this case are Rob Smith, Vibronics, DubTerror and Digital & Lutin - a heavyweight combination by all estimations.

Spring 2007 Releases

Spring 2007 releases from Universal Egg and Deep Root are spearheaded by 'Dub Showcase' by the Abassi All Stars released on CD and double vinyl and containing 16 dubwise rhythms out of the Zion Train studio in Cologne (WWCD/LP044). This album showcases the rhythms made by the Allstars before the 2007 relocation of the Zion Train studio which is their base of operations.

Newcomers to Universal Egg - Nucleus Roots, provide us with their first release on the label in the shape of a 10" single (eggy024) featuring two of their fine compositions with the UK based singer Don Hartley. Universal Egg has distributed the Nucleus catalogue for some time now but we are hoping that this first release for the Manchester based dubbers on our imprint will be the start of a great partnership.

The Deep root imprint sees releases from our oldest and newest artists - Zion Train release their first new work for 5 years during 2007 and the first slice of this is a Deep Root 7" vinyl entitled 'Life That I Choose' (Root027) which is the debut Zion Train performance for vocalist YT - the flip side of the 7 features a dubwise version in the old school style. Our newest artist is Slimmah Sound out of the Netherlands who debuts on Deep Root with 'Judgement Come' featuring Sister Omi (Root026) - Slimmah surely has a bright future.

Winter 2006 Releases

January 8th is the official release date for the RDK album 'Bass Matters' - RDK meet perch in dub. The album was recorded, (over)dubbed, produced and mixed by perch in the zion train studio in Cologne. Pre-release copies should be available from the wobblyweb shop in late December and also from RDK during their winter European tour.

November sees the debut release from the Croatian RDK (Radikal Dub Kolektiv) - entitled 'A Brighter Future' on a Universal Egg 10" vinyl
single (Eggy023). This single is the forerunner of the 'Bass Matters'
LP/CD from RDK due to be released in January 2007 on Universal Egg and features both Abassi All Stars vocal and dub remixes of the original piece as well as RDK soundsystem remixes. The tune features the up and coming Lua on vocals.

Autumn 2006 Releases

There are fresh releases on both Universal Egg and Deep Root this autumn. Deep Root continues the series of Abassi All Stars 10" releases with the 'Favi Rock' EP featuring vocals from Omar Perry, Fitta Warri and Lua with dub from perch. Universal Egg has the debut Abassi All Stars long playing release entitled 'Showcase'(WWLP/CD041) which is available from mid September 2006 as a single vinyl LP and as a CD which features a special VJ remixed version of the album as a movie track.

We hope to issue the video as a free download on wobblyweb so those who want the vinyl edition of the LP release can also get the video - watch the mutimedia downloads page for more information about this. The video is part of an ongoing collaboration between echolab and universal egg which includes other vj remixes soon to be available on wobblyweb and also live vj shows at both Abassi Hi Power and Zion Train performances.

Summer Releases 2006

New for summer 2006 on the Deep Root imprint are Root23 and Root24. Root 23 is entitled the 'Edutainment' EP and features vocals from Daddy Roots, Fitta Warri and Rudy Lee on a perch produced rhythm - this release is available on 10" vinyl. Root 23 is entitled 'So Much Confusion' is a 7" vinyl release on Deep Root with Dubdadda production and Judy Green on vocals - a beautifully melancholic piece.

First for summer 2006 on Universal Egg is the long awaited Love Grocer album 'Across The Valley' featuring Jonah Dan, MC Spee, Earl 16 and the grocer crew this album is full of beautiful, uplifting melody and we are extremely proud to present it on Universal Egg.

New Releases Spring 2006

The first release of 2006 is a first in many ways - our first ever download only release in partnership with and the digital alliance is the Tassilli Players fifth long player and will also be available from wobblyweb as a download in our new dubplate download section. This Tassilli creation is a dubwise look at the history of the world with tracks named after different periods in the history of the earth - as usual beautiful, meditational dubs from the players. On the Deep Root front we have the World Peace 10 inch EP from the Abassi All Stars featuring Beenie Man, Tippa Irie and Dubdadda on vocals with a dub cut by perch alongside the second 7 inch release from Dub Terror entitled 'No More Stress'. Tena Stelin provides the vocals on the Dub Terror release.
Last but not least, we have the final chapter of the Zion Train reissue series. 'Siren' the highly rated dubdance long player that launched a thousand imitations is released on LP and CD in the spring. More information on all these releases is available on the Universal Egg discography page.

New releases Winter 2005/2006
The next chapter in the Zion Train re-issue story happens in November with the highly rated album 'Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub' being released in a remastered format on double vinyl and cd, this album has long been unavailable in its original issue.

Alonside this album reissue we have the first two Deep Root 7" single releases of 2005 with the first Universal Egg 10" for 2005. On Deep Root, we have the mighty Vibronics with Madu on vocals covering the Shaka/Junior Brown classic 'Warriors' and the debut single from Dub Terror, this time featuring Tena Stelin on vocals and entitled 'Child Soldiers', these 7s follow the usual Deep Root format of vocal on the A side then heavyweight dubwise on the flip. Universal Egg welcomes Love Grocer with the 'Surviving' 10", this track features Earl 16 on vocal duty with vocal and dub remixes from Vibronics on one side of the vinyl and an extended disco mix by the Abassi All Stars on the other, the Love Grocer version of the track will be released on their 'Across the Valley' album release in 2006. All of this released in November 2005!!

New releases Autumn 2005
Autumn sees the release of the fourth in the series of Deep Root 10" singles entitled 'Nyaman'. This 10" features vocal cuts from Empress Rasheda, Fitta Warri and Junior Kigwa plus a dubwise from perch and the Abassi All Stars on a crucial nyabinghi rhythm. This will be the last 10" release from Deep Root for 2005 but expect more next year and further 7" releases in 2005 alongside a 10" from Universal Egg.
The next chapter in the Zion Train re-issue story also happens in October with the highly rated album 'Natural Wonders Of The World In Dub' being released in a remastered format on double vinyl and cd, this album has long been unavailable in its original issue.

New releases Summer 2005
Summer sees the release of the next two in the 10" series from Deep Root, first out is 'Prophecy' by the Abassi All Stars released 16th May 2005 and featuring vocals from Earl 16, Fitta Warri and Junior Kigwa accompanied by a dubwise from perch. June 1st sees the release of 'Moulding' which features two perch dubwise cuts on the 10" alongside vocals from Kenny Knots and Fitta Warri - get them fast as 'Crisis', the first of the 10s, released in April 2005, has already sold out.

New Releases Spring 2005
Spring 2005 sees new releases for both the Deep Root and Universal Egg imprints. Deep Root starts its 2005 series of 10" disco plates with the 'Crisis' rhythm written by perch in the Zion Train studio and featuring the Zion Train brass section. There are vocal performances from Kenny Knots, Sister Rasheda and Fitta Warri on the 10" plus a dubwise from the Abassi All Stars - this is a limited edition release. 'Crisis' will be followed by 'Prophecy', 'Moulding' and 'Nyaman' at regular intervals throughout 2005.

A Passage To Indica Remastered and Reissued
In April 2005 Zion Train's first album is reissued. First released in 1992 and unavailable on all formats since 1996. This specially remastered edition will be available in a cd digipak and also a double vinyl edition featuring the tracks that were previously only available as CD bonus tracks.

Winter Releases 2004
November 2004 saw the start of the Universal Egg/Deep Root reissue programme - originally released on Zion Records, Deep Root will release coloured vinyl versions of 'Power One', 'Power Two' and 'Jah Holds The Key' - Zion Train's first three singles. They are 7 inch vinyl releases one red, gold and green vinyl - limited edition

Autumn Releases 2004
Our autumn release for 2004 was 'Original Sounds Of the Zion Remixed' - wwcd/lp38. The first ever Zion Train remix album being released on double LP (180g vinyl) and CD and featuring mixes by Rob Smith, Twilight Circus, Vibronics, Transglobal Underground and many others.
See the Zion Train album pages for full tracklist and details.

Summer 2004 Releases
The next two Deep Root 7's were released on August 16th and are both on the 'Free Jah Jah Children' rhythm out of Zion Train's Cologne studio. Root010 features the undoubted talents of Luciano asking 'What We Gonna Do' and Root011 sees Sis Sanae pleading to 'Free Jah Children'. Simultaneously we will release the first ever Universal Egg 10" which features Zion Train's 'Blessed Is He' with Levi Roots on vocals remixed by Vibronics alongside Zion Train's 'Love Revolutionaries' remixed both by the train themselves and Love Grocer. This 10" is a prelude to the October 1st release of WWCD/LP038 'Original Sounds Of The Zion Remixed' featuring Zion Train remixed 15 times.... Among the remixers are Twilight Circus, Smith and Mighty and Transglobal Underground.

released 16th august 2004

Early 2004 releases

Root008 - 'Suffering' by Sis Sanae
Root009 - 'Cross The Border' by Dubdadda

Following on from March 2004's release of the Vibronics 'Dubliftment' long player, in May we are showcasing the talents of some up and coming artists. These releases are two 7's on the Deep Root imprint and both feature the 'Suffering' rhythm. Root008 showcases the talents of Japanese vocalist Sis Sanae on one side while she caresses the melodica on the flipside. Root009 has sometime Zion Train vocalist Dubdadda on one side and a dubwise cut on the flip. Both singles are strictly limited release as are all Deep Root releases.

Released 14th May 2004

The first releases in 2004 from the Universal Egg stable are the two seven inch vinyl releases on the Deep Root imprint:

Root006 'Mount Zion-I' Vibronics
Root007 'Red, Gold and Green' by Vibronics

Released 15th February 2004

'Mount Zion I' features the vocal talents of Madu and a wicked dubwise version. 'Red, Gold and Green' is an uplifting brass instrumental again with a wicked dubwise on the flipside of the single.

Both Root006 and Root007 feature exclusive versions of cuts from the Vibronics second long player 'Dubliftment' which has been available from March 2004 (WWCD/LP037). This album beautifully showcases the ever improving production talents of Mr Vibronics and is a beautiful follow up to the ever successful 'Dub Italiser' released two years ago on Universal Egg.