Message Of Hope 10" Vinyl


Abassi All Stars second release in 2008 features the dulcet tones of Prince David out of the Moa Anbessa stable Italy whose cry of 'Rise Up Everyday Life' is so beautiful and straightforward. The next version features Lua with the Message Of Hope version followed by veteran Nucleus Roots singer Brother Moses with his questions version - fantastic.
Dubwise duties as usual are by perch and the Abassi All Stars - another crucial release


Tracklist and Credits

Side A
1) Rise Up - Prince David
(Davide Gaiane/Neil Perch/David Fullwood)
2) Message Of Hope - Lua
(David Fullwood/Neil Perch/Joana Lua Berk)

Side B
1) Questions - Brother Moses
(Andrew Amos/Neil Perch/David Fullwood)
2) Dub Message - Abassi All Stars
(Neil Perch/David Fullwood)

as usual all tracks are published by Universal Egg Publishing/Westbury Music