Life That I Choose - Zion Train - (7" vinyl)


The first new release from Zion Train for 5 years is also the first pre release from the September 2007 album on Universal Egg entitled 'Live As One'. The 7" single features exclusive mixes of the tune with vocalist YT's Zion Train debut following on from his 2006 hit 'England Story'... YT talks on this cut of how self determination is the way forward for the people of the world - a strong Zion Train theme from way back when.... The B side of the single features an exclusive dub cut - both tunes from the Zion Train studio in Cologne...

Tracklist and Credits


Side A
Life That I Choose - Zion Train feat YT
Side B
Dub That I Choose - Zion Train

writers (perch/hake/hull)
published by universal egg publishing