Lead With The Bass - Various Artists - CD/LP


Compiled by perch of Zion Train and featuring Disciples, Iration Steppers, Power Steppers, Tassilli Players and Conscious Sounds, this compilation and vol 2 (ww017) truly feature the best and seminal tracks of the prime of the UK dub era. 'Lead With The Bass' is an expression coined by Devon Russell whilst attending a perch mix in the studio one day, his advice was 'keep it all in the red and lead with the bass' and a legend was born.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Prowling Lion - the Disciples
2) Version - the Disciples
3) Beethoven - Power Steppers
4) Version - Power Steppers
5) Return to Addis Ababa - the Disciples
6) Version - the Disciples
7) Lord - the Israelites
8) Version - the Israelites
9) Scud Missile - Iration Steppas
10)Version - Iration Steppas
11)Come Together - Bush Chemists
12)Version - Bush Chemists
13)High Rise - Iration Steppas
14)Version - Iration Steppas
15)Make Love Not War - Power Steppers
16)Version - Power Steppers