Kin - Sounds from the Ground - CD/Double LP


Sounds from the Ground was born from the ashes of the band Path which was the brainchild of Elliot Morgan Jones and gave Universal Egg the 'Sound Information' compilation (ww09). Elliot's collaboration with Nick Woolfson of Jamm studios gave rise to Sounds From the Ground and their beautiful ambient trip hop sound. This album was also licensed to the Waveform corporation for release in the USA for whom Sounds from the Ground went on to record further material after leaving Universal Egg.


Tracklist and Credits

1) Gather
2) Drawn to the Woman
3) Loaf
4) Pearl
5) Triangle
6) Over There
7) Where the Wild Things Were
8) Seven Sisters

All tracks Nick Woolfson/Elliot Morgan Jones except (2) which is Woolfson/Jones/Fletcher and (5) which is Jones