Forward Roots - Various Artists (Cassette)


The definitive and the first compilation of UK Roots made by Zion Train in 1991 - still the best compilation of this style ever made.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Jah Vibes (Tena Stelin/Centry)
2) Jah Vibes Dub (Tena Stelin/Centry)
3) Wicked Rule (Martin Campbell)
4) Mental Slavery (Naphtali/Keety Roots)
5) Mental Slavery Dub (Naphtali/Keety Roots)
6) Rastafari (Alpha and Omega)
7) New Dimension Dub (Mixman)
8) Jah See and Know (Donnette Forte)
9) Jig It Up (Dub Judah)
10)His Foundation (Aqua Levi & the Roots Immension)
11)Writing On the Wall (Paul Fox)
12)Babylon is a Trap (Dub Judah)
13)Armagideon (Danny Red/Enhancers)
14)Menelik (Nightdoctor with Danny Red & Ishu)
15)Stand Firm (Shanti)
16)Stand Firm Dub (Shanti/David Judah)
17)Gunman No Run Things (Yao/Enhancers)
18)Natural Roots (Earl 16)
19)Natural Roots Dub (Equalisers)
20)Jah Holds The Key (Devon Russell/Zion Train)
21)Jah Holds The Dub (Devon Russell/Zion Train)