Everyday Jungle - Ital Noiz - CD

A fantastic digital style dub combination with real instruments such as brass and bass, wonderful meaningful vocals and heavy dance-able beats. Ital Noiz is the side project of two of the musicians from the reknowned Italian reggae band Radici Nel Cemento who have been performing for almost 20 years!
In combination with the production skills of perch, this duo have completed this fantastic debut album for Universal Egg and it would seem they are set to go from strength to strength with a blistering live show to back up this great debut CD...

Tracklist and Credits

1. Ital Noiz
2. Too Much
3. EverydayJungle
4. Bass Fi Mass
5. Wake Up & Reclaim
6. Lady Dub
7. Cuando Llega
8. Loverz
9. El Miedo Nos Separa
10. Ganja Smoke
11. Five
12. Choose Right
13. Relax
14. My Mastah
15. Come As You Dub

all tracks written and performed by Angelo Morrone and Giulio Ferrante.
produced and mixed by neil perch, cologne, germany 2011.