Dub terror


Dubstudent is a music producer and sound engineer from Turin, an industrial city in the north of Italy.

Since he was 13, he has been involved in promoting music events and performing with the sound collective Miraflowers in his native town. After joining the local music scene, he realised how big the craving for creative spaces was among the Italian youth, it was as big as the social discomfort created by the institutions of society. The struggle against a grey and impersonal society is the main motivation behind dub student becoming a successful music producer and plays a central role in establishing his musical identity.

Whilst in Turin, Dub Student encountered the Italian sound system King David Warriors, who introduced him to the deep sound of UK dub. Starting with warming up sessions and distributing flyers for them, he soon met most of the UK sound system operators (Iration Steppas, Channel One, Aba Shanti-I, Alpha & Omega, Mad Professor etc.), connections that turned out to be crucial for the fulfilment of his artistic vision.


His deep passion for sound led him to London and the study of Sonic Arts (hence the name Dubstudent), where he learnt sonic manipulation techniques and mixing desk improvisation. It was in the UK capital that he conceived and realised the Dub Terror production suite.

His approach to making music is freeform and instinctive, usually preparing multi-tracks, recording several versions and only then choosing the one that his instinct leads him towards, in the style of the dub pioneers. He plays with the mixing desk as if it was part of the music, like a director, and produces the final track as creating a story. He sees each instrument as a different character, bringing its own personality to interact with other instruments, as actors do in a play.

Dub Terror had his debut release on the Deep Root imprint in 2005, 'Child Soldiers' featuring Tena Stelin on vocals which is on it's way to becoming a classic. 'No More Stress' also featuring Tena was released in 2006. The 'Technology' 10" was released on Universal Egg in late 2007 followed by the Shinobi EP in 2008 and the Turn the Tide EP in 2009 which is a prelude to the 2009 release of the debut album from Dub Terror.