Dubliftment - Vibronics - CD/LP


Released on CD and double LP in 2004, this second Vibronics solo LP is a beautiful piece of work. Both 'Red, Gold and Green' and 'Mount Zion-I' were released as Deep Root 7's (Root006 and 007) but featuring different mixes to the album versions and 'Only One Dub' is a dub version of 'Only One Love' (Root005). The Vibronics sound improves with every release and the digital dubs here are balanced beautifully by real brass and snatches of vocal.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Only One Dub
2) Mount Zion-I
3) Dub Forever
4) Deep Root Dub
5) Red, Gold and Green
6) Highland Dub
7) Dub Herbs
8) Volcano
9) East End Dub
10)Dub Struggle
11)Sound Minded

produced and mixed by Steve Vibronics
mixed in the Vibronics/Vibrations studio.
The Dubliftment singers and players are Madu, Vitamin M, Stevie Splitz, Frankie Binns, Wayne McArthur, Boney L, Mark Iration and Ritchie Rootz