Dub Italiser - Vibronics - CD/ Double LP


Originally released in 2000 as a CD and now unavailable double LP this is Vibronics' first solo long player and followed his split LP/CD with Jah Free, also on Universal Egg, 'Outernational Dub Convention' (WWLP/D024). Vibronics had, at this time, released four singles on the Deep Root label to great critical acclaim and two of those singles are featured here in the shape of 'On Jah Side' (Root003) and 'Positive Direction' (Root004). On this LP project the voice of Boney L and the melodica talents of Vitamin M add a natural flavour to the distinctive electro dubs of Stevie Vibronics.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Rastaman's Story
2) Dub Advance
3) Jah Music
4) Jah Dub
5) Samsara
6) Vintage Dub
7) Positive Direction
8) Positive Dub
9) Beat Down Babylon
10)Dub Crises
11)Kali Mountain
12)Rosetta Stone
13)Congo Natty
14)On Jah Side
15)On Jah Dub
16)Mother Earth

recorded in the Bathysphere studio by Stevie Vibronics, special thanks to Zion Train, Richi Rootz & Jah Free, vocals by Boney L, melodica by Vitamin M.

Thanks to Aba-Shanti-I, Alpha & Omega, Banksy, Chris & Stewie @ Bathysphere, Chris Tofu, Different Cafe, Disciples, Dubhead, Earthquake, Easy Dub Ducasse, Home Town Music, InI Oneness, Iration Steppas, Ishen Rockers, Itel Roots, Jah Shaka, Kanga Roots, King David Outernational, King Shiloh, La Corporation Dub, Messenger, Nations Vibration, Nicoline Mojo, Operation Sound, Pete Morris, Planet Rock, Roots Garden, Rampant, Rootsman, Shashamanie, Soft Touch, Steve EZ, Sweet Potato, The Dub Factory, Wayne McArthur.