Devon Russell Sings Roots Classic - Devon Russell - CD/LP


The late great Devon Russell turned up at the Wibbly Wobbly World one afternoon after visiting his tailor and herbsman who also had a room in the building, within 30 minutes 'Jah Holds the Key' had been recorded and we never looked back. Devon was an amazing musician whose career spanned 30 years from the Tartans in 1964, Studio One, Tubby's studio and the Fire House Crew over to the UK and finally his collaboration with Zion Train. It was a great honour for Zion Train to work with Devon and he is sorely missed.
The album release CD version also contains several tracks that Devon cut with Mafia and Fluxy.


Tracklist and Credits

1) Watch Out (Russell/Cod/Tench/Perch)
2) Dub Out (Cod/Tench/Perch)
3) Garvey Time (Griffiths)
4) Garvey Dub (Cod/Tench/Perch)
5) Jah Holds The Key (Russell/Cod/Tench/Perch)
6) Jah Holds The Dub (Cod/Tench/Perch)
7) You Found Heaven (Russell/Cod/Tench/Perch)
8) You Found Dub (Cod/Tench/Perch)
9) Prisoner Of Conscience (Iwata Selassie/Russell/Cod/Tench/Perch)
10)Conscious Dub (Iwata Selassie/Cod/Tench/Perch)
CD Bonus Tracks
11)Drum Song (Russell/C S Dodd)
12)Man From Buzzrock (Russell)
13)Disrespect The Don (Russell)
14)Sing A New Song (Russell)
15)Drum Version (C S Dodd)
16) Mr Fire Coal Man (Russell)