Breaking Out - Jah Free - CD/LP


Released in 1996 on Universal Egg, Jah Free's first LP/CD.
Jah Free says

'Lightning Clap' - this song is based on an experience whilst on a visit to my daughter Kiri Lucy who lives in the Cevenne Mountains in France, once destined to be flooded to make a 'natural' resevoir/power station, but so far people power has won. It is about the wonders of creation and awareness. First played out inna dub style in Southend by Revelation Sound 1992, originally released on 12" single on the Jah Free label.

'Hear Me Calling' - this tune was co-created with Brother Leroy. Poverty still exists in 1996 in ghetttos all over the world, inequality can't work. Sister Simiah on heartfelt lyrics. First played out inna dub style by Abyssinian Sound in Jah Works promotions 'Dub Cup' 1996.

'Wicked Can't Run' - old tune from the time I was in a band called 'Tallowah' which became 'Bushfire'. Both bands played this song in their sets. Written by John Deerlove, Mark Sloley and Dale Dowley, this is the Bushfire version revisited - too true to forget. Jah Jah time will come.

'Oh Lord' - Lynette sings a cutting lyric about my views on work, bosses and the system. Written in 1967 - nothing has changed - they're still at it, but I man Jah Free.

'Lion Of Judah' - written and recorded at my mate Bob's house when i lived with him for a while. Spoken section inspired and part written by Lisa in Jah's arms, completed in a time of sadness to uplift and give strength. Kevin Rose from Basildon arranged and played lead guitar beautifully. The guitar cut comes from the only mix which was on cassette, please excuse poor sound quality.

'Systems' - one love and unity in times of darkness - its never too late to start. Jah loves his children and together we'll find unity, Sister Simiah sings out.

'Moonmen' - too much trouble on planet Earth, it's dying, yet we spend billions on a hot shot to the moon or test a weapon or ten.

'Ethiopia' - enter Wayne McArthur on crucial vocal about the motherland and hopes for future change - it can be done. Vocals cut down first time, unrehearsed. Mr Melody - big up Wayne and family.

'Jaques Chirac' - I am told that the vocal treats him too kindly! 75% of the populace were against the nuclear tests. I sent copies of this track to the French embassy, Greenpeace and Essex radio - no-one responded.

'The Times' - Simiah produces this dub. Anti fat cat tune highlighting the imbalance of wealth and foolish official spending on weapons of destruction, warfare and space travel.

'How Long' - too true lyrics, Jah Free and Simiah on vocals, babylon as we feel it. One day people will turn and the government will have to change its ideals, it is we that give them the power. We have more control as consumers than we do as voters - spend wisely, spend ethically.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Lightning Clap
2) Hear Me Calling
3) Hear Me Dub
4) Wicked Can’t Run
5) Wicked Dub
6) Oh Lord
7) Lordly Dub
8) Lion Of Judah
9) Lion Guitar Mix
10) Systems
11) Moonmen
12) Ethiopia
13) Behold Dub
14) Jaques Chirac
15) The Times
16) How Long
17) Long Dub

all tracks written and produced by Jah free except 10 and 15 Jah Free/Simiah, 4 Jah Free/John D, 9 Jah free/K Rose. All lyrics written by Jah Free except 12 Wayne McArthur, 2 Jah Free/Leroy