Bass Enforcement - Power Steppers - CD/LP


This debut Power Steppers LP was conceived after early Power Steppers tracks had great attention from the Lead With the Bass compilation, also released on Universal Egg (WWLP/CD008). The album features collaborations with both the Disciples (Precision Device) and the Ruts DC (Bass Communication) and tracks from the album were featured on the Power Steppers EP (eggy009) and the Power Steppers meets Disciples EP (eggy011). The album as a whole is a collection of uptempo, electronic, hi steppers - dubwise.

Tracklist and Credits

1) A Taste of Bass
2) Precision Device
3) Bass Exploration
4) Bass Communication
5) Liberty, Power and Bass
6) His Master's Bass
7) The Race Into Bass
8) Active Speaker
9) Any Bass Necesarry
10)Bass Expectations

all tracks written by Guy Sturgeon, produced by Zion Train at the Wibbly Wobbly World of Music