An Atlas Of World Dub - The Tassilli Players - CD


Only ever released on CD in 2000, this 4th Tassilli Players album was recorded in the Zion Train studios both in London and Wales and documents the places where the players had received a strong roots I-bration on their travels. There are many artists and sounds around the world celebrating roots and culture. Those mentioned for special commitment to the cause are Jah Shaka and Disciples from London, Jah Trinity in Gloucester, Rhythm and Sound in Berlin, Kanga Roots in Hamburg, Bass Reproduktor and Baksheesh in Poland, Dubsound Crew and Soul Captain band in Helsinki, Indica sound in Liege, Caribace in St Petersburg, Twilight Circus in Nijmegen, King Shiloh in Amsterdam, Dub Action and Wreck This Mess in Paris, Firehouse Skank in Dublin, Stinky Jim, John Pell and Unitone Hi Fi in New Zealand

Tracklist and Credits

1) United Kingdon
2) Germany
3) Poland
4) Italy
5) Finland
6) Belgium
7) Russia
8) USA
9) Czech Republic
13)New Zealand

played by Tassilli Players, Produced by Zion Train