Amazonite - KID - Eggy035

1. Amazonite / Original Mix (03:28)

2. Amazonite / IODINE 53 featuring PUPAJIM (03:25)

3. Amazonite / ZION TRAIN Remix (04:15)

4. Amazonite / Sound System Mix (04:14)

Represented by the black and green water gemstone, this Dub Stepper is emerging from KID's remote Amazonian roots. Hard-pressed by a vibrant sound force, its path explores luxuriant canopies, turquoise depths and gleaming skies raised by KID's characteristic influential beat, blazing bass lines and crystalline keyboards.

Krak in Dub also invites PupaJim (Stand High Patrol) for a "Iodine 53" version sketching an impressionist reflective moment by the shoreline.

Neil Perch (Zion Train) who's releasing the album on his label "Universal Egg", delivers an "Amazonite" remix version, a harder stepper pushed by hypnotic acid bass lines. This little "greenstone" EP is completed by a KID Sound System version to further elevate dance floors.

From Digital Roots to Jungle Stepper, his improvised live sets are laying down screaming riddims, powerful electro beats and blazing Dub bass lines. He has harnessed the original junglist freeflow spirit, throbbing with the roots and the soul of sound system music. He is now collaborating with Jamaican legends such as Horace Andy, Anthony B., Luciano, Capleton or Jah Mason...

Kicking dancefloors, Krak in Dub is bringing the sound global, from South America to Eastern Europe, through over 25 countries and 600 gigs- including BoomTown (UK), Sun Ska Festival (Fr), One Love (UK), Shambala Festival (UK), Sea Splash Festival (HR), Bogotrax (Col) - earning full throated respect from the Jamaican artistry and inspiring a whole new generation to embrace the roots-junglist movement.