All The World In An Egg - Various Artists - CD


This release is the first Universal Egg album sampler designed to give people unfamiliar with the works of the label a taste of all the artists recording for us on one cd. Only released on CD by Universal Egg (and on cassette by our Polish subsidiary) our 1996 roster was well showcased by 'All The World In An Egg'. From the classically melodic 'Triangle' by Sounds From The Ground via the ambient textures of Robert Charlesworth through to the heavy dubwise of Centry, Tassilli Players, Conscious Sounds and Power Steppers to end with the worldbeat of Extremadura this was a real representation of where the label stood in the mid 90s.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Triangle - Sounds From The Ground
2) Ancient Evening - Robert Charlesworth
3) Melodica Dub - Centry
4) Outer Space - Tassilli Players
5) Light the Pipe - Power Steppers
6) Dub the Bongo - Bush Chemists
7) Stringed Instruments - Jah Free
8) A Taste of Bass - Power Steppers
9) Kerala - Tassilli Players
10)Fly Agaric - Trancemasters
11)Dil Draydon - Extremadura