Across The Valley - Love Grocer - CD/LP


The first Love Grocer long player to be released on Universal Egg is actually the Grocer’s third long player, the previous two being with the Dubhead label.
This album is a beautiful combination of deep roots reggae, uplifting victory horns and the pastoral textures that the Grocers bring to their compositions.
There is a sister release on Tripping Elephant Records, Japan with Japanese language text.

Tracklist and Credits

1) Staring Into The Distance featuring MC Spee
2) Hanging Like Grapes
3) Surviving featuring Earl 16
4) Sunset Point
5) East Of Jaro
6) Snowdrops
7) Cloudy Day
8) In Due Season
9) Blossom
10)Journey’s End
11)I Am The Cat
12)Warn Them
13)Cool, Clear Water
14)Hornsman Dub
15)Peace and Love

music by LOVE GROCER
all instruments by chris petter and david fullwood except
drums on tracks[3],[4],[8],[12] and[13] by RimBim
tenor sax on tracks[1],[6],[10],[11],[13],[15]by jon petter
alto sax on tracks[5],[8],[9],[10] and[14]by richard doswell
flute on tracks[5],[8]and[14]by richard doswell
electric guitar on track[6]by chiba
percussion on tracks[2],[8] and[13]by jonah dan
additional percussion by joe rahman
vocal on track[7] jonno known as the dubdadda

.....coming from the edge of the wood into the warm summer meadow,stumbling on flowers we fall on grass,from the distance,the sound of music like a cool breeze.........."